Apple Introduces the iPad

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During "yesterday Creation" event, Apple has finally said the system combines the long key elements of the society of iPhones and MacBook computers. Called the iPad, a tablet-shaped device to do everything possible to enable you would expect to find the iPhone, only much better, much faster and larger scale. This is also a great eBook reader, netbook, and a media player device, went through the demonstration took place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts yesterday morning. A new version of the iWork suite, along with the iPad was even more benefits for the Tablet experience.

In an unusual way, Apple shows the press room of the announcement - Apple launches iPad "- after the big event. However, the introduction of this product except time (iWork revisions) specially for the device, it is not really surprising.

"Today, Apple iPad, a revolutionary device for surfing the Web, read and send e-mail to enjoy, view photos, videos, listen to music, play games, read e-books and more," reads the official press release. "IPad React's high-resolution multi-touch display allows users to physically interact with applications and content. IPad is only 0.5 centimeters thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds, thinner and lighter than a laptop or netbook. iPad includes 12 new innovative applications for the iPad, and nearly all more than 140,000 applications on the App Store. iPad will be available from late March began the pricing of just $ 499, 'concludes the introductory paragraph.

A statement by Steve Jobs does not want to follow, with the CEO of Apple, said: "Our latest technology in the device iPad magic and revolutionary at incredible prices. IPad created and defined the category of an entirely new device, which allows users applications and content are combined in a familiar, intuitive and fun than ever. "

The report mentions went to the specification of technology, and other important functions of the device. Apple iPad proudly showed that spread over 12 through a built-in, next-gen multi-touch, with each of them working in vertical and horizontal, then switch off automatically when the user views iPad rotate in any direction. Other features multi-touch served in the report, but also the ability of movies, television shows and YouTube to see them all in HD. This is due to 9.7 inches iPad due, backlit LED displays IPS technology to provide sharp images and colors in line with Ultra Wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.

By Apple of its next-generation system-on-a-powered A4-chip processor and the processing capacity is expected to deliver exceptional graphics performance with long battery life. The company claims up to ten hours of battery life, but something tells us that the video game racing fans will no trace of life.

Finally, we found iPad this report the various versions of Apple are, with the two versions were introduced - a Wi-Fi and other well-Wi-Fi and 3G - that this is a variety of boat storage. The unit is about $ 499 (U.S.) to launch the 16GB WiFi-only models, and up to $ 829 for 3 g WiFi 64GB model. The first model will be available at the end of March. E 'should also be noted that the iPad 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Not surprisingly, Apple iPad MicroSim made compatible, while the conventional SIM card in the back, making it difficult for many potential customers to choose their favorite players for 3G connection

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Google typically withdraw from the market despite the risk of censorship in China, he wants to give up the steps was the largest in the history of. The company's bold steps, China has a very great interest among foreign companies is rare. While others remain skeptical about some of these human rights advocates said the decision whether to Google Google motif or additional work. Chinese authorities and companies always have a problem, but the last one years has increased. Turning point, the coordination of large-scale attack from China's, the country's infrastructure, Google's Gmail service, the company's direction and target of the attack part of a broad range of large U.S. companies a total of 20 days. Other reports put the figure more than 30 years.

Gmail's attack

"In mid December, we are the intellectual property theft in China results from Google's corporate infrastructure, we discovered a very sophisticated targeted attacks. But it's about something that at first glance simply a security incident - though significant - surely kkwaedoeeotda also "David Drummond, Google's corporate development, a senior vice president and chief legal officer, said. "First of all, Google is also attacking. As part of our investigation, we have a large number of companies at least two other companies - internet, finance, technology, media and chemical sectors, etc. - have found the same goal," he said.

According to the mail service, Gmail, Google primarily for the purpose of attacking a strong focus. The company's attack on China's human rights activists investigating the possibility of access to e-mail account, the purpose was found. Your "Atack can read a detailed description of the security". Google's success in achieving its target of any violation could not have been there only two small accounts, and used to attack using multiple mechanisms in the fight said the new measures. Nevertheless, attacks in China created a relationship with Google to reconsider.


"These attacks show they are monitoring - one years and more efforts on the Internet, with limited freedom of expression - a conclusion we should consider doing business in China has brought us. We no longer want to keep finding Google Results of the screening, "Drummond said.

Google does eunhaji explicitly that he would put an end to censor search results in China, simply voluntarily prevents the use of it. Companies have to find a solution to the deadlock has reached China.

"We are what we can work without the filter in consultation with the Chinese government's basis in the coming weeks will be [D] faith, the search engine law, according to all of you. We understand that this also could mean closure, potential service when we went to China, "Drummond said.

Nevertheless, it is important that China has been a repeat of Google, a measure of the country to run a free search engine is likely to disagree. At the same time, national and government policies related to foreign companies in Google's experts publicly expressed intent to do this way, the English version of the blog, but only the possibility to remove all forms of negotiation, China.

Seriously considering the possibility of companies in China, no negotiation, Google, and the result was decided to stop the screening, the most probable results that Google will suspend all operations in the country. If you are experiencing this problem, a clear rebuke of China, these policies and the adoption of the final position will be the first major company.

Google China

Google 4 years ago, the highly controversial at the time to enter the Chinese market. To start a local version of the search engine, Google to censor some results based on Chinese laws and regulations, agreed. It certainly critics, "a story about his motto," Do not be evil, called the company to the principles of its own economic interests, not morals is to continue walking. Companies, and the censorship policy for China's reluctance to more information about the benefits in at least two crimes must select a response. However, at the time, Google added that they are not ready to compromise with China has been monitoring the situation.

As one of many third of the search market in China, not far beyond the local search engine Baidu dudo, holding at least two times. Between them, almost all of them by other players, all of the search space is less than 1%. However, Google lost market share in recent years and the trend showed no sign of reversal. Most analysts and Google over Baidu positioning, who closely with the government or the state of the effect of increasing market share, I think we have a real chance. At the same time, Google's revenue in China is estimated to be smaller, Google shared some 22 billion U.S. dollars of profits each year. The income level of the billion dollars it does not matter, but nothing to be optimistic about Google is that they can not live without.

Protection of human rights, or a smart business move

The success of Google in China proper, however, the company's sudden decision to some people about the reasons for doubting. Some out of China, Google is very little to lose but a lot to say, at least short-term increase. 338 million people online in China in the world's largest Internet market is expected to grow significantly in the near future. Foreign companies, especially for Internet companies to create a very attractive market, with China's economic growth is sustainable. Google, of course, you know, the reason why I agree with censorship in the first place.

However, companies rarely compete in national and regional progress by clearly preferred out. Close, the company did not lose too much now, but may ultimately regret the next few years. At the same time, it increases the company's image will require a lot of violations in the past, you can get. This is especially now, under the company may be important in controlling the spread of the Internet has increased.

Google's financial losses resulting from China's great opportunity out of traffic and can not be balanced. Yet it is purely humanitarian, but Google has made this decision easy and the weight is not clear if all the factors, motivations, but it is not purely a business move. It will be interesting to see how China will evolve and how to respond if Google will actually become easier when a conclusion will be out.

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Iran's army cyber attackers "successfully hijacked the DNS records Tweeter last night," as he describes. domain and the other sub-domains that point to Web pages display a political message to taunt the United States.

The night attack under the cover was spot on about 10:15. Time the user access to, Flag of Iran's image and was welcomed with a black page. Iran, "the site was hacked cyber forces," with the title of the page will be displayed along with your Gmail address.

Meanwhile, bottom, left, hackers pose a threat to the United States, "the United States, they will control and manage access to the Internet, but they are, we do not control the Internet to manage our government and people's irritation is not so .... Currently, the state ban list? Iran? United States? "We push the ban list:) Take care of yourself."

When normal, co-founder Biz Stone of Twitter, the company officials at this point "DNS a Twitter account, announced the return on the blog today, angry, but now has recovered." He is also a platform for this API, is not affected by an investigation into the incident revealed more information, intellectual commitment, the company move forward.

Blogger, where during the attack, according to the report, 'entry point 74,217,128,160 and the phone company that owns the host IP TEL: Address. current then, NTT's IP address to point to the United States.

DNS hijacking attacks that can lead to serious consequences. "If they like the tweeter below the phishing site has been nominated by the Imagine what would happen (the login name and password, steal) a political non-signal design," Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos said . However, some hackers are bad songs, such as access to the site you want to change this scenario.

There is information about how to attack tools, and any records in DNS are several ways you can capture. However, the most likely explanation for domain name registration management powers to steal your account login.

After that, it's the first time that hackers tweeter for the administrator account does not own sonedoeji. Twitter account name employees who crystals to obtain unauthorized access to the top in January, the age of 18 hackers. He managed to force password dictionary attacks.

5 years, who through social engineering on Twitter's own administrator account, "Kroll hackers hackers to call France. And the tweeter is similar to stealing the company's confidential documents using the tactic.

Update: the previous attack on the family identity had been stolen instruments, Tom Daly, CTO Dean stated is inc., Tweeter to support the provider's DNS. Mr. Daly is the security fix, "who through their own platform to recognize the legitimate user to log on to change the system is started. It is our system does not fail completely."

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Vimeo Does HTML 5

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This is perhaps, HTML5 video that at least a week, but one day YouTube neunyi supports standard, announced that the number appears in the video, Vimeo did the same thing. In fact, his new players as an option HTML5 video of the site will be available at all raised as a bar, and it's actually better than the flash-based.

"We see with the parameters of quality," Andrew Pile, Vimeo, and vice president of product development, we are committed to providing customers. "We support the request of members we have heard a lot about HTML5. We hope this is a beta version of the test results.

"The players in the latest version of Safari-compatible Web browser, Chrome, and add 90% of videos uploaded to Vimeo last operation. Users of the player, including loading time. HTML5 standard benefits Vimeo Flash Player link below the player to enable HTML5 can be done fast, smooth video playback on supported browsers, "he added in a statement on Vimeo.

If you are Vimeo, Chrome or Safari browser if you are using is called HMTL5 each of the links at the bottom right of the video, "You can see the switch. Clicking on the link, but, but, clearly at a glance the actual impact Load the page again. flash-based player to look like exactly, is more than can be done uirago YouTube. Of course, minimalist look of the player to facilitate this task, but the team still was a great achievement Vimeo.

And it's just ideological HTML5 Vimeo players have a choice, too, sometimes more than one virus, Mac, or Flash Player for Linux, especially in the more unstable, more clearly the benefits will be better. Loading the player almost immediately, HTML million - or more to download any flash content that is much easier - and without buffering. Live video game, your connection to the Internet, and can go directly to each location continues to play well.

It's determined by the implementation of HTML5, and Vimeo really to do with the proposed performance standards for their own plug-in is ready to be a real alternative functions, when it comes to proving the contents of the information. In other words, this is only a beta, some limitations in your browser supports this feature is particularly early.

Vimeo is about 90% of the date of the last 1 years working with HTML5 video player and flash video, but only 35% was required. In addition, this feature corresponds to approximately 25% of users Vimeo, Chrome or Safari, which, surprisingly high number of control. Technically, the People for Internet Explorer, Chrome frame, but it's probably not much use to calculate the number. Finally, the movie does not play in full screen mode, the browser's limitations in the implementation.

Why are some of Firefox, the HTML5 features: 3.5 Last 3.6, the release has been denied a lot of support, such as YouTube might be wondering at eit. The reason, Firefox does not support a good H.264 video codec is available in a simple Vimeo YouTube. This conscious choice on the part of Mozilla, the open codecs, in particular, support for Theora has decided to implement. The theme topic of heated debate in the Web development community, an old mate has been reached so far.

HTML5 web for "almost all the threads are flamewar. This does not comment or interfere with the open-source codec, please recommend. We know only our job to know the conversation beonhaeya" Vimeo Brad Daugherty said. "H264 simple fact that we now have more opportunities to display on different devices, and many players have the same file. If the changes are, so we. That's all there, I'm thank you for your patience!

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The new 1 week 1 years Kaspersky great discounts on products has released has passed, KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security) and KAV (Kaspersky Anti-Virus). According to the company's status and tweeters, a simple, if you price yourself at $ 20 to $ 10 can go KAV KIS coupon code at an affordable price, and one of the two products mentioned above, add to your cart for shopping.

Looks pretty good so far, but before you decide to accept the generous offer are a few things to remember. Discounts available for first year is only in North America, Northern store on your computer for a 3 to 1 for the two-year license to purchase products can cost a bit, to $ 79.95 increases to $ KIS and KAV 59,95. Because of a computer, you typically pay for only one year in the price of the complete Internet security protection for 3 computers can still quite interesting, however, do not discount.

If you apply the coupon code 2010Twitter it cost, but soon, will be dropped immediately reduced. Once you have a subtotal of $ 30 and will be automatically rebated can purchase both products. Unfortunately, no information on the date of the last interest rate, but at the time of this writing, the code works like a charm.

We look at the product purchase page, the license of the extension as part of the Save the current game, is the same injury. And extend the same rules apply, there are 3 computers, 1 for one-year license, $ 20 off $ 10 discount with KAV KIS is retained only by the North.

Kaspersky malicious code, and high sustained - courtesy of a respected independent antivirus test lab has made in the fight against a solid reputation. Years won many awards, captured in the market-leading security products.

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Windows 7 installed on multiple computers is an easy task, especially where compatibility and support issues. According to MS Windows 7, the machine can not play as well as the AMD / ATI's Radeon graphics processing unit (GPU) feature displays (PDP for) with built-in technology. Home Page Windows 7 distributed to a user's computer that they could not complete the installation to install the guest.

"Windows 7, the computer will be installed on a black screen during the installation process. Nevertheless, the installation will continue to work. If you are unable to complete the installation in this case. If you have only a black screen when dealing with the main multi-display the problem, "MS said.

MS was particularly uieseo AMD / ATI Radeon GPU under the influence of the above questions, including: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (PCI \ VEN_1002 & DEV_9480); ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 (PCI \ VEN_1002 & DEV_9488); ATI Mobility The Radeon HD 4870 (PCI \ VEN_1002 & DEV_945A); ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4850 (PCI \ VEN_1002 & DEV_944A) and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 (PCI \ VEN_1002 & DEV_9552). At the same time, Microsoft, Apple IMAC 27 "is included on the infected system is stressed.

Windows 7 DVD is over after the "AMD supports the PRP. As a result, Windows 7 for AMD's Radeon graphics driver does not support the ERP DVD in retail," MS said. "AMD's updated driver improvement has released EDP problem. Install this update to complete successfully the installation process must be included."

Microsoft has a simple solution that the customer is to provide a secondary monitor. In this context, all users on your computer before you install Windows 7 to be connected to the monitor. In this case, they finished the installation process will be able to view and later data processing by using Windows Update to fix the problem, install the updated driver.

In addition, the solution autounattend.xml response file and the latest graphics drivers and includes a USB flash disk is designed for advanced users. USB flash drive to copy the compressed graphics drivers for USB. To do so, the following steps: a Web site to download drivers for graphics adapters, AMD. Executable (. EXE file) to extract the driver. The program asks for an installation location such as C: \ ATI in the \ Support \. After the extraction is complete, you can find the installation folder noted in the previous step. Flash drives, USB to copy the installation folder, "he said in a statement MS.

Users can also create an answer file autounattend.xml need to open the file in Notepad at the bottom of the screen to copy the selected text in blue. autounattend.xml using the file must be stored in UTF - 8 form, and must be copied to a USB root directory.

"After you install the Windows 7 DVD, which eDP.Immediately DVD and then boot your computer by connecting a USB flash drive, an AMD Radeon GPU to run the computer. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process. When the first USB flash drive attempt to restart the system, "MS said.

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One Laptop per Child (OLPC), their knowledge and modern forms of education as other children from around the world to provide access to locations closer to the announced target. OLPC since the 2010 release 3 of the 2012 roadmap for the creation of new notebook models announced. The XO computer only exceed the current performance is not configured, but should be at a reasonable price, too.

OLPC is the world's modern education accessible to all children is a non-profit organizations form to pursue. Therefore, XO laptop to fully meet these requirements, but also built a strong and powerful and water-resistant, or heat, and dry tropics rich lived. Thus, the 1,5 and 1,75 XO XO build the current design, while providing better performance and more were able to gain access to the targeted customer base. More XO 3.0, however, is to use a completely new design, far.

XO XO 1.5 is currently based on industrial design and March 10 will be available. This is the current one used by VIA, and AMD's processors will be replaced four times more than the double the speed of DRAM and Flash memory offers. The system for Linux and Windows operating systems can use the $ 200 cost.

OLPC second model of the ARM processor - XO based on the development of 1,75. It is no longer poor and rural communities will be able to access most of the cost of $ 175. ARM's processor 4 mabeleseo reduce power consumption during the first quarter to double the processing speed is set. External rubber bumpers, and be inside the screen is a 8.9-inch touch screen. 1,75 XO the x86 XO is designed to complement the 1.5.

Finally, OLPC is also working on an entirely new device, and UNESCO, much less the cost of $ 100 or more are expected. Developers using a flexible plastic sheet will focus on development.The goal, because the common security holes in the evidence unit to create a real environment, and conducted more than at least 1.75 x models will continue.

Child's "first version - Centric OLPC laptop in the XO, that the revolution at a lower cost. XO 140 of thousands children in 35 countries deployed in 25 languages, and low-power computers," Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman is one of one laptop per child. "At the corner of the planet to reach approximately 500 million children to complete our mission, OLPC innovator in the design and performance will continue. Because we are a non-profit organization, we hope that our industry will be copied."

End users have more links to the official website of the organization, planning, and the XO laptop, you may be familiar with.

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HP Smartbook in the Works

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Simply SmartBooks new concept in the computer market and its ability to survive in the current market environment is questionable. While portabilitas and connectivity products will be quality, sustainable netbook features very similar. However, some products have been shown as a power device such as Lenovo and Snapdragon Skylight concept shows hp at 2010 International CES.

Hewlett yet while ago, the FCC, asserting that pengajuan Packard plans to launch the electronic found. This device is called HP Compaq Airlife 100 and ultra-portable electronic products, the specifications are not disclosed. All that pengajuan FCC is a very rough sketch showing the device, from which all things that can distinguish the most likely area for 3G-connection.

At this time, most likely Airlife 100, which was built with the Snapdragon platform. Since the core, the speed of 1 GHz, which is very close to the NVIDIA Tegra platform through a combination of computing power, low power and connectivity.

According to Electronista, Smartbook shown in the Consumer Electronics Show as miniature versions of mini-series notebook, which according to the system with the presentation. Thus, speculation suggests the strength of Snapdragon devices with 10-inch screen, because most netbook. Products must run Option 2 OS Android, as the ARM chip is not compatible with Windows. May Smartbook HP 3G, ability to type the device to be connected when traveling.

Unfortunately, except for a few lines that form the image, no additional details. Additional information should be available in the near future, not yet clear when Airlife be detailed in full. Of course, there is no word on the price of products up to sports.

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